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Do you have a broken window that needs to be repaired or replaced? Nick’s Glass & Mirrors repairs broken windows! If you have a broken or cracked window we will come out to repair it for a great window repair price. If you have a window that traps fog, or that you have noticed fogs up, we can repair that window too. Nick’s Glass & Mirrors serves all of Orange County with expert, professional and affordable broken window repair service. Call us today for your window repair quote. Your Content Goes Here

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Nick’s offers energy efficient windows.

Low E Window Technologies include Low-E Coatings

Low-emittance (Low-E) coatings are microscopically thin, virtually invisible, metal or metallic oxide layers deposited on a window or skylight glazing surface primarily to reduce the U-factor by suppressing radiative heat flow. The principal mechanism of heat transfer in multilayer glazing is thermal radiation from a warm pane of glass to a cooler pane. Coating a glass surface with a low-emittance material and facing that coating into the gap between the glass layers blocks a significant amount of this radiant heat transfer, thus lowering the total heat flow through the window. Low-E coatings are transparent to visible light. Different types of low-E coatings have been designed to allow for high solar gain, moderate solar gain, or low solar gain.

In heating-dominated climates with a modest amount of cooling or climates where both heating and cooling are required, low-E coatings with high-, moderate- or low-solar-gains may result in similar annual energy costs depending on the house design and operation. While higher solar-gain glazings perform better in winter, lower solar-gain glazing’s perform better in summer. In cooling-dominated climates, the priority is to lower solar gains.

Double-Glazed with High-Solar-Gain Low-E Glass
Window with a double-glazed, high-solar gain low-E glass with argon gas fill reduce heat loss but admit solar gain.

High-solar-gain low-E glass is often made with pyrolytic low-E coatings, although sputtered high-solar-gain low-E is also available.

Save energy and lower your utility bill by installing energy efficient windows from Nick’s Glass & Mirrors.