Wall Mirror Removal Service

Wall mirror removal

Any wall mirror can be removed professionally with best results using Nick’s Glass & Mirrors.

Do you have a new property with a mirror that you need removed?

Are you remodeling and want to remove a mirror that has been affixed to the wall? Maybe your studio has old mirrors that you want to replace with new ones?

We specialize in safely removing mirrors without damaging the wall. We can leave the mirror removed or install a new mirror on the wall. Whatever your design needs are we provide you with professional, safe mirror removal services.

Removing flat glass that has been adhered to a wall can be dangerous. Hiring a professional to perform a safe mirror removal will save you time and provide the best mirror removal method. The options for removing a mirror from a wall are limited. In almost all mirror removal techniques, there will be razor sharp glass shards involved. We are experienced and trained in wall mirror glass removal, equipped with the right tools to get the job done with the least amount of damage to the wall and with safe broken mirror removal.