Save money with a quality Retrofit Window Replacement

If a window is not installed properly, the replacement does not fix the problem the leaky window in need of replacement created.

Replacement windows, otherwise known as “retro-fit” windows are the budget friendly route to take when considering replacing one or more windows. Window frames and seals typically have a twenty year life span and need to be replaced after such time mostly due to the seals cracking and leaking. Once this has happened your homes efficiency will decrease by as much as 10%-20% according to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy.

One of the top priority home improvement projects you can have done is replacing your windows – especially if you are considering selling your home. Retro-fit windows replaces your windows at a fraction of the cost of having a full new construction window replacement done and gives you the same energy efficiency benefit. Whether you are listing this upgrade on a sales sheet or seeing the result of your energy bill decreased, you will love the results on and off paper.

You will want to consider a whole new construction window replacement only if you think the frame and studs need replacing or if you are installing new siding. Otherwise, stick with the retro fit replacement.

The standard retrofit replacement window project does not include replacing the studs and frame – only the window sash itself.

We have all window replacement options available. Here are some of the most common and popular window replacement types;

Double Hung Windows
Garden Windows
Picture Windows
Single Hung Windows
Slider Windows
Replacement Window Installation
Awning Windows
Bay Windows
Bow Windows
Casement Windows

Although there are many options that fit your window type, here are two types of window replacement methods;

Z-bar or Flush Fin
This window replacement is used for an aluminum window and a masonry or stucco exterior.

Block Frame
This is used when a wood window is being replaced and the exterior is brick or siding. This only works well if the original wood frame is still in good condition and left in place.

If there is a problem with a window that has just been replaced, more than 80% of the time the problem originates with an improper installation. Many of our window replacement jobs are re-installing a window that was not installed properly. When a window is not installed properly there are air leaks and water intrusion that occur. This poor quality installation removes all energy efficiency benefit that you should be receiving from replacing your window.

Take care and caution if you are thinking about replacing your windows yourself or when selecting a qualified window vendor. If you want a window replacement guaranteed to be installed properly and a finished job that meets all building requirements; Call Nick! 949-531-7877