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Top Escrow Pitfalls to Avoid

Top Three Issues to Avoid During Escrow The selling agent is the number one ally for the seller to (wait for it) sell their house. As such there are some critical obstacles to avoid in order to make sure the sale closes. Once the seller accepts the buyer’s offer the legal agreement is locked in [...]

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Home Gym Value Increase

How much does adding a home gym increase the value of my home? Adding a gym to your residence increases the value of your home and the quality of life for your family. The average cost to convert a room into a gym is $3,000 for the room remodel and $2,000 for equipment. This typically [...]

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Gym Mirror Replacement

Laguna, CA - We recently replaced a gym mirror wall due to several nicks and breaks that had occurred in the mirror panels.  We safely removed the old mirrors using our professional method that ensures no damage is done to the wall and the mirror is removed without leaving any shards that are hard to [...]

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Home Gym Mirror Installation

How to Get the Best Home Gym Mirror Deal If you are converting a room or garage in your home into a gym then you have probably listed the gym mirror as one of your installation items. You have several options for installing a mirror for your gym dependent upon your budget. The cheapest route [...]

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Master Bedroom Wardrobe Value

How much value do people put on the master bedroom wardrobe?  Some may not have put much thought into this feature.  Others unconsciously wish daily they had a better wardrobe.  Still others will see a glimpse of an impressive and well organized wardrobe online, TV or at friends house.  The thought that crosses the mind [...]

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Best Home Gym Conversion Tips

Home Gym Conversion Tips Statistics show that homeowners prefer to improve their homes rather than move. It's no wonder looking at the average moving cost for a family of four is $12,000 not to mention all of the back breaking packing and moving work to do. When taking all of the cost and labor of [...]

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