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Top Escrow Pitfalls to Avoid

Top Three Issues to Avoid During Escrow The selling agent is the number one ally for the seller to (wait for it) sell their house. As such there are some critical obstacles to avoid in order to make sure the sale closes. Once the seller accepts the buyer’s offer the legal agreement is locked in [...]

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Top 5 Replacement Items When Buying a Home

Home Inspection Report Replacement Requests When you are buying a home you need to take advantage of the opportunity to replace some critical features of the home at the point of sale so that you are improving the energy efficiency, extending the life of your new home and avoiding expensive feature and appliances replacement costs. [...]

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Pella Windows

Nick's Glass & Mirrors is a Pella installer because of it's quality window offering. Pella has been making beautiful, high quality windows and doors since 1925.  They intentionally build for long lasting window quality.  Pella consistantly seeks to build innovation and energy efficiency into it's window designs.  An example of this is the casement window [...]

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Best Dual Pane Window Choice

Out of all of the dual pane window choices on the market today it's hard to tell which is the best. One of the biggest factors to find out about the dual pane window you select is it's insulation level. If your window needs to be replaced, now is the time to select a window [...]

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Why is my window foggy?

Foggy windows are common in areas that have weather colder then 35 degrees Fahrenheit and in areas near the ocean. Most people assume that foggy windows occur mostly due to cold weather.  However, when you live in an area near the beach such as Newport or Laguna, foggy windows can occur when the weather heats [...]

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