dual-pane-windowWe specialize in all types of window repair and installation work – specializing in dual pane window repair, installation and replacement.

If your dual pane windows are foggy it is most likely because the seals have worn down over time and an air leak is present.  Sometimes this type of break down can be repaired but more common the dual pane window does need to be replaced. If we can repair the seal instead of replacing the entire window we will give you that option knowing that some of our clients would like to postpone their window replacement for as long as possible.

If you would rather replace the window we have a vast selection and can match your window exactly to the other windows on your home or office.  We are here to serve you and to meet your preference whichever solution you choose.  We will make sure your new or repaired window does not leak, wasting valuable energy.  This will immediately reduce your electric utility bill and help keep out environmental contaminants and irritants such as smog and pollen.  If you have been experiencing heavier than usual allergies this season, it could simply be from a leaky window.

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