Wardrobe Mirror

wardrobe-closet-door-replacementA popular and appealing bedroom upgrade is adding or improving the wardrobe mirror. This instantly makes the room look bigger, increases the room’s lighting and provides an important feature to help with getting ready for the day.  Bedrooms benefit a great deal when a wardrobe mirror is installed.  There are several ways to add a wardrobe mirror to a room.

Wardrobe Mirror Quote

We install all types and sizes of wardrobe mirrors. Any size and any shape. The installation of our wardrobe mirrors is completed professionally and you can trust that the quality will stand the test of time. Give us a call today for a quote for your wardrobe mirror.

Wardrobe Mirror Installer

Custom Wardrobe Mirrors

We install custom wardrobe mirrors to fit your style and dressing room needs.  There any many options to choose from. We provide a free custom mirror measure and quote upon request.

Sliding Wardrobe Door

There are many options for sliding wardrobe doors.  Simple models can be found at almost any hardware store.  If you want better quality and options your mirror installer will be able to provide that to you such a glazed and beveled mirror that is slim-line or frameless.

Stationary Mirror Door

Your bedroom closet door can be changed into a full length dressing mirror that has the appearance of a framed mirror. The closet mirror door comes with a dust seal and magnetic catch for closet valuables protection and ease of use.

Bi-Folds Wardrobe Mirror Door

The bi-fold wardrobe mirror can be installed as a full mirror folding door or as panels in your bi-fold closet doors.

Wardrobe Mirror Repair

Do you have a wardrobe mirror that has a portion broken? If so, we provide closet mirror repair and replacement for wardrobe mirrors. You do not have to have the entire wardrobe mirror door replaced. We come out, take the damaged mirror panel out of it’s frame, install a new mirror to the correct specifications and your wardrobe mirror is replaced without having to find the entire door system. This wardrobe mirror replacement saves you time and money and is a fast, easy and affordable way to get your wardrobe mirror repaired. We do all the work for you!