Serving all of Orange County

Nick’s Glass & Mirrors has served Orange County with its glass and mirror needs for the past 30 years. The primary areas in Orange County that we serve are;

In the 80’s, Orange County was a much different place.  At that time it was the second most populous county in California with over two million people. It was a great location to set up shop, just as Mr. Nick Rocco did with his glass and mirror business.  His father had thrived in Orange County with a suscessful construction company before him, paving the way as an excellent business example.

A true test of endurance through rough business times came soon enough though, when in 1994, the County of Orange declared Chapter 9 bankruptcy.  At that time it was the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history. As a result many business’s were impacted adversely. Nick’s Glass and Mirrors was one that pushed through the economic downturn.

The real estate bubble burst occurred in 2005, creating a wave of hardship for all business realated to real estate.  Once again, Mr. Rocco pushed forward, providing high quality professional service with competitive pricing. His glass and mirror business survived and earned another Orange County entrepreneurial badge.

Mr. Rocco’s work ethic of hard work and integrity have been proven through the test of time an effective way to run, maintain and grow a business.  Nick’s Glass and Mirrors is proud to serve Orange County residence and business’s with this level of professional service and would be pleased to serve you.

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