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Nicks Glass and Mirrors serves Orange County real estate agents with fast, affordable and professional window repair and replacement.

A common request during the negotiation of the sale of a home is the repair or replacement of a window or windows of a home.  The buyer may request that one or all of the windows be replaced before the negotiation of the sale of the home is completed.


Nick’s Glass and Mirrors replacing 13 foggy windows for a real estate agent in preparation for the sale of a home.

When preparing to sell a home a foggy window can put a damper on the perceived value of a home. This is a repair that can be made quickly and professionally at a good price so as not to slow down the sale of a home or reduce the perception of value for what the home is worth.

In addition, during inspection a common home repair item that is often identified is the replacement of windows due to poor insulation, cracked window seals or fogged up windows.  In this scenario it must be determined who will pay for the repair.  This is not a repair often required by law or by a financier but it is not a request that the buyer, seller or agent would want to hold up the completion of the sale.

Finding a window replacement professional that can complete this repair quickly and at a competitive rate is critical to helping the sale of the home move forward smoothly.

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Most Popular Repair Requests During Escrow

The following list of repair categories are the top requested repair items requested by a buyer to the seller during escrow after a home inspection have been completed.  The following three categories are items that the buyer typically does have to take care of in order for a financed purchase to be approved.

Other less critical categories are negotiable and vary depending on the market.  When inventory is low the buyer will have less leverage to demand repair on unnecessary repair requests. When inventory is high the buyer may agree to a wide range of repair requests in order to retain the deal and sell the home even if the repair requests are not critical.  However, these repair requests are critical can will typically have to be repaired for the financing institution to complete the sale.

  1. Safety Repair Items

    If a repair item is found during a home inspection that involves safety, chances are the seller will be the one to pay for the repair before the sale can be completed with financing approval. This is why it is a good decision to have a home inspection done while you are in the preparation phase of selling your home.  Before you even list the price of the home be sure to get an inspection done by a reputable inspection company to be sure that you are aware of any selling pitfalls that may arise while you are in negotiations.  You don’t want to be caught off guard at the last minute.

    Safety repair items may include foundational issues, drainage issues that are effecting the foundation of the home, gas leaks or other chemical or mold issues.  Take care of these critical safety items before you list your home.  The buyer will typically order their own inspector and you do not want any type of safety issue coming up on their report because it may cause the entire deal to fall through.

    Discovering an existing safety issue can often remove the peace of mind the potential buyer had when they physically toured your property and decided they wanted to give you an offer.  After discovering something like mold the buyer may no longer want to engage in negotiations at all.

  1. Structural Defects

    Structural defects typically include any type of foundational issues which can vary widely on cost to correct. An inspector will pay close attention to any type of cracking or alignment issues your home may be having to identify structural damage that needs to be corrected.  Once again, if the buyer is purchasing through a financer, there types of issue typically will need to be corrected before the sale of the home is completed either on your part or in the form of a purchase credit that is removed from the sale price and given to the buyer to complete.

  2. Building Code Violations

    Any type of building code violation that is found during an inspection will need to corrected by the seller. A building code issue can vary widely and are most commonly found in DIY home improvement projects that were completed without obtaining a permit. When installing your home improvement project it is a good idea to get a permit so that when you do sell the home you can show your permits if any building code violation surfaces.


Negotiable Repair Requests

  1. Efficiency Items

    Window repair is a popular request due to the high impact on energy efficiency. If a buyer can get the seller to agree to repair some or all of the windows in a home purchase, they have just saved themselves up front money and obtained long term energy savings. This repair isn’t cheap if it includes all of the windows in a home but if the windows are retro fit then it can be a repair that closes the deal and keeps both parties happy.  This particular repair has the added benefit of giving the buyer peace of mind knowing that they are not only saving the repair cost but will continue to save money as they enjoy the energy cost savings.

    Another common energy efficiency repair request is the replacement of a roof.  This request is typically double the cost of repairing or replacing windows so can prove to be a deal killer if unreasonable or requested during the wrong market conditions.


  1. Cosmetic Issues

    Cosmetic issues from normal wear and tear do not have a high rate of success being accepted in a sale offer but a few minor improvements may be able to be worked in depending on the market.

  2. Accessory Items

    Occasionally accessory items will work themselves into a contract in order to squeeze an extra amount into the deal. For example, a seller may off to “leave” a large mirrored wall in tact for an additional price. This is really a smoke and mirrors (sorry for the pun) offer because in order to remove a large mirror from a wall, especially if it is a house older than ten years old would cost the seller more than the amount they are trying to sell it to you to keep.

    A more common accessory items would include an appliance.  A seller will often hold appliance items back until after they receive the buyers repair request. Then, they will bring up certain appliances and offer to leave them to help counter the cost of the repairs that the buyer is requesting.

If the escrow inspection repair request included window repair or replacement we offer you professional, fast and low cost service.

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