Custom Glass Tabletops

Custom glass tabletop

Custom glass tabletop options available.

Serving Orange County glass tabletops, Nick’s Glass & Mirrors provides you with standard or custom glass tabletop solutions.

Dining Room Glass Tabletops

Glass tabletops are ideal to help pull more light into a room and it enlarges the look of a room. Glass is very easy to keep clean and maintain. It retains it’s newness. Nick’s Glass and Mirror’s has many tabletop choices. We have standard sizes and edging as well as custom. We have a wide variety of choices for your dining room tabletop.

Conference Room Glass Tabletops

orange county glass tabletops

Custom office conference room glass tabletops.

We have the perfect solution for your business conference room table – glass!  A glass tabletop for your conference room provides a clean, sharp, modern look.  We have long glass tabletops to fit any conference room table size. Call us with your measurements and we’ll get started going over options.


Tabletop Glass Choices

There are different types of glass edging to choose from that include flat edge, double bevel, triple bevel, pencil edge and convex. Here are a few tabletop edging choices;


Select from a large choice of tabletop edges and tabletop sizes.

Ogee (OG) Tabletop Edge

The Ogee Edge is defined as an “S” in profile. This edge goes back to the Greeks & Romans and is gorgeous on columns and wrought iron bases.

Flat Tabletop Edge

The Flat Edge is a simple, least expensive edge detail. The side edge is flat with a small seam or bevel on the top and bottom edge of the glass.

Pencil Polish Tabletop Edge

The Pencil Polish is rounded and especially popular on circles & ovals. It has a soft look.

1 1/4” Bevel Tabletop Edge

The 1 1/4” Bevel is versatile. It features a flat polish with a brilliant bevel on the top edge of the glass and can be formal, casual, traditional or contemporary.

Double Bevel Tabletop Edge

If you are looking for beautiful yet subtle detail to your tabletop then the double bevel is your choice. It is more expensive but brings in extra brilliance. A flat polish with 2 bevels on the top edge of the glass, this edge is very dressy and adds prismatic colors to any room.

Triple OG (Waterfall) Tabletop Edge

The Triple OG resembles a waterfall. This creates a rolling glass waterfall look with 3 pencil edges.