How much does adding a home gym increase the value of my home?

Adding a gym to your residence increases the value of your home and the quality of life for your family. The average cost to convert a room into a gym is $3,000 for the room remodel and $2,000 for equipment. This typically includes the cost to install flooring, paint, upgrade lighting, install a wall mounted TV, sound system and a mirrored wall. Especially if this room remodel is part of a previously unfinished basement, this investment will give you a 65% return. This return is not as high as other top remodel value improvements but there are other variables to consider.

A big consideration is that this value increase does not take into account the quality of life improvement you and your family will enjoy with the use of the gym. Improving your health increases mental capacity, physical endurance, improves your immune system, decreases the days out of the year that you are sick and makes you feel good. These improvements alone should help justify this relatively cheap home improvement.

Another way to calculate this value is taking into account how much you currently spend on your gym membership.  You could replace the membership cost with the gym installation.  Or, if you need more variety in the type of workouts you do, then adding the home gym gives you another option besides the gym and other outdoor workouts you include.

Call Nick to help get your home gym completed with a quality gym wall mirror that is installed securely and is custom fit to your room requirements. Your new home gym will appear larger, brighter and will help motivate you to improve your health now and for years to come.