Home Inspection Report Replacement Requests

When you are buying a home you need to take advantage of the opportunity to replace some critical features of the home at the point of sale so that you are improving the energy efficiency, extending the life of your new home and avoiding expensive feature and appliances replacement costs.

Major home features and appliances should last twenty years from the point of replacement. If you include some of these features in your home purchase, especially the ones that have fully depreciated, then you will extend the life of your home, defer some major replacement costs and be able to use your move in budget for items that maximize the enjoyment for your family instead of spending it on items that are needed but not necessarily as fun to purchase.

When you’re having the home inspected, make sure to request for the inspector to include this top 5 list of features that will greatly benefit you if you get them replaced at the time of purchase. This will defer replacement cost to you by about twenty years and help reduce your energy cost.

1. AC HVAC Unit. This unit is expensive to replace, has a high usage rate for the home, impacts your family’s comfort level by a great deal and has a high level of impact on the energy efficiency of your home. Be sure to have this unit inspected, ask for the age of the unit and if the unit is ten years or older request to have an allowance included in the sale to replace it.

2. Roofing. The roof protects the home from water damage and drainage issues and is very important to have in good standing.  Request for a roof replacement especially if the current one is older than 15 years old.  A roof will typically last 20 years but the last five may contain deterioration that will negatively and at times prematurely impact the drainage system.  Be sure to check the age of the roof and check the condition. Replacing the roof will protect your home from water damage, storm damage and help protect and extend the life of the drainage system. The last thing you want is to start experiencing drainage issues caused from a deteriorating roof that negatively impact your drainage system a couple of years after you have purchased your home. A new roof will last twenty years and help protect your homes drainage system and foundation.

3. Window Replacement. Many windows have a lifespan of twenty years after which the seals crack and are compromised leading to foggy and or leaky windows. This makes your home extremely inefficient. Window replacement is now a very common item being replaced at the point of purchase so don’t be afraid to include this item in your replacement request list. Replacing the windows of your home give you many benefits such as ease of open and close use, lock safety, energy efficiency and clear glass that is not foggy from a dual pane window leak. This item is well worth asking to have replaced.

4. Electrical. Pay close attention to the electrical system portion of the home inspection report. Make sure that the entire electrical system was inspected and ask questions if you are unsure. There are many parts to the home electrical system that include items you may not consider such as the electrical on a well pump. Electrical wiring has a lifespan depending on the materials used when originally wiring the home. Once the lifespan has been reached electrical problems will start to occur and you will have various and continued problems until the wiring system is replaced. You can reasonably request to have all of the electrical replaced that has anything to do with safety.

5. Well Water. Not every home has a well but if the home you are purchasing does then while you are checking the electrical on the pump you might as well be sure to have the pumps pressure, volume of water and pump checked. You could even take a water sample and get that tested separately while you are at it. Water to a home is a critical element and typically overlooked. The pump and electrical wiring are not huge items to have replaced. If a good quality pump is selected and the electrical wiring is replaced it should last twenty years.