Laguna, CA – We recently replaced a gym mirror wall due to several nicks and breaks that had occurred in the mirror panels.  We safely removed the old mirrors using our professional method that ensures no damage is done to the wall and the mirror is removed without leaving any shards that are hard to clean up and may cause injury.

gym-mirror-wall-installationBecause we have been replacing mirrors for over thirty years now we are expert at removing and installing mirrors.  The new mirrors are cut to precision and installed using our proprietary method that creates an adhesive that secures the mirror to the wall securely.  This is very important because some mirror installations may not be secure enough to hold the weight of the large mirror sheets over time, increasing the risk of a sheet of mirrored glass to break away from the wall unexpectedly.  Especially for the commercial gym this is an event that can be avoided when the mirror is installed properly reducing your risk of accidents and injuries that are can be easily avoided with professional mirror installation.

We specialize in gym mirror removals, replacements and installations and can custom design any mirror configuration – call us for a free quote: 949-531-7877