How to Get the Best Home Gym Mirror Deal

If you are converting a room or garage in your home into a gym then you have probably listed the gym mirror as one of your installation items.

You have several options for installing a mirror for your gym dependent upon your budget.

The cheapest route to installing a gym mirror is to search on Craigslist for used mirrors.  Business’s will sometimes list construction material such as large wall mirrors when upgrading a building.

Another option is purchasing a large framed mirror and using that. It will be smaller then a traditional gym mirror but for the space you are using may meet the need.

A third option is to purchase sheets of mirror.  Be aware that if you buy mirror sheets at vendors such as Wal Mart you will be getting a very thin mirror sheet that will be easy to break and prone to being waving when it is installed.  It’s better to find a higher quality, thicker mirror at a slightly higher cost then to think your saving money only to realize that the mirror doesn’t look right or won’t last.

The fourth option is to call Nick’s Glass and Mirrors who will give you a custom quote that will fit your gym perfectly, be installed professionally and at the best price.  We strive to meet or beat other quotes you may get and are expert and providing the best mirror materials with the pro installation.