How much value do people put on the master bedroom wardrobe?  Some may not have put much thought into this feature.  Others unconsciously wish daily they had a better wardrobe.  Still others will see a glimpse of an impressive and well organized wardrobe online, TV or at friends house.  The thought that crosses the mind is “wouldn’t that be nice?”.

But is the master bedroom dressing room just a nice to have feature?  Why would anyone invest time and money into this hidden room of a house?  There are three very important reasons for architecting a wardrobe room into a master bedroom.

1. Increase Your Daily Efficiency

Being organized is every executives, business owner, entrepreneurs must have talents.  The better organized you can be the more efficient your day will run. A messy desk, purse, inbox, filing system and yes, wardrobe impacts what you are able to accomplish in a day.  This realization alone should give you plenty of reason to invest in upgrading your wardrobe.

2. First Order of the Day

Besides rolling out of bed and heading to the restroom, entering your wardrobe or dressing room is the very first task you complete for the day.  If this can be done with ease, having everything you need at your fingertips without having to expend much thought, so much more the better.  When your wardrobe is organized and ready for you to enter it becomes your own personal morning assistant.

3. Appearance Does Weight-in

Everyone would like to think that appearance doesn’t really matter.  However, we all know that it does.  They way you look reflects your own personal preferences, work ethic, character and habits.  When you enter into your business world with a clean put together persona people will respond to you better.  Not to mention the fact that you will feel more put together.  In addition, when you have a wardrobe worth being in it forces you to take stock of your wardrobe.  Is everything hanging there 10 years old?  Should you update it a bit?  When you take stock of your wardrobe, which is a direct reflection of you, it forces you to be reminded to stay fresh, shape up and go and enjoy your day!

The master bedroom wardrobe is important. Its worth investing in.  Be sure to take stock of the space you have to work with. Consider expanding it or at least making sure you have good wardrobe mirrors, smart organization and  clean walls and flooring.